Frequently Asked questions


How much does it cost to join the BCPA?

Each branch has its own fees for meetings. If you hold your indemnity insurance with the SMAE Institute, then you will already be a member of the BCPA/BAFHP but not the branch.

Do I have to be a member of the BCPA to attend a branch?

No. You can join/attend a branch as a non-member but cannot hold an officer position on the committee unless you have indemnity insurance through the SMAE Institute.

Can I attend a branch if I am an FHP?

Yes. You will be made very welcome.

Can I attend a branch if I am a student?

Yes. You will be made very welcome.

Are there speakers at the branch meetings?

Most branches will have a speaker offering good CPD. The smaller branch will have round table discussions, which are just as valuable.

Do trade stands attend the branch meetings?

Traders attend most of them.


What else happens at the branches?

Each branch is different but all offer a range of items for CPD (lectures, workshops, etc.). Some have refreshments and others a lunch. There are also those who offer Autoclave servicing, First Aid training and Sharps collection.  Members offer advice and friendship.